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Making Chocolate Better
Congratulations on finding Solkiki.

 The UK's first bean-to-bar chocolatemaker.

Everything is made from bean-to-bar, named and traceable.

Solkiki import the best ingredients ever tasted direct from the people who produce them.

They handcraft micro-batches of fine, organic chocolate from bean-to-bar

and they don't advertise, relying on word-of-mouth.


Home of Tumbles and The Boulder!   

Iris and Bob have been making and selling chocolate since 2008. 

Solkiki chocolate has earned over 200 recognized awards for flavour.

 Every bar is tempered bar by hand, without lecithin.

Hand-tempering without additives takes skill and effort. 

It means Iris and Bob make chocolate that others cannot.

Explore the site,  taste the results of their consuming passion.

One of the World's Elite Chocolatemakers - The BBC

An unprecedented force in the world of superfine chocolate.

© 2008-2076 by SOLKIKI


At Solkiki, direct trade means we work in partnership with farmers and fermenters to improve both quality of life and cacao long term.

Solkiki Chocolatemaker Iris making fine vegan chocolate from bean to bar

Copyright Solkiki 2008-2076

Award-winning bean to bar chocolate

All bars are 56g/2oz.  
We also offer kilos of shards or chef's couverture.
Everything is plant-based and vegan-friendly.
We ship worldwide - fast UK postage for all orders - also offer special delivery for last minute  

Solkiki Chocolatemaker Bob with fine cacao for making vegan chocolate from award-winning bean to bar
Award-winning vegan chocolate

Here's the full range:
Organise the list using the filter or explore the menu for a more focused search

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Vegan-owned and vegan-operated (started in 2008, formalized in 2015) Solkiki Chocolatemaker is Europe's first Vegan bean-to-bar craft Chocolatemaker.  Inventive and self-taught, we push boundaries and remind the world that traditional chocolate was plant-based for millenia.   True Climatarian chocolate since 2008.

Delicious gourmet chocolate delivered to your door.    Vegan chocolate has never tasted better, thanks for visiting Solkiki Chocolatemaker: the home of vegan chocolate, bean to bar chocolate, craft chocolate and organic, superfine chocolate!

Photo Credits:   Kiske Spink

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