Making Chocolate Better  - still shipping all around the world!

Well done on finding Solkiki!  We craft micro-batches of fine, organic chocolate from bean-to-bar by hand. 

We don't advertise and prefer to rely on word-of-mouth from our supporters.


Solkiki has earned over 160 major recognized awards for flavour since 2015. 
This makes Iris and Bob an unprecedented force in the flavour-focused world of micro-batch, bean-to-bar chocolatemaking.


Iris started in 2008, casually, quietly making chocolate, not reconstituting, not remelting.  We still temper every bar by hand, without lecithin.

Hand-tempering without additives takes skill and effort, but it means we make chocolate that tempering machines cannot.

Solkiki Chocolatemaker Iris making fine vegan chocolate from bean to bar

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Solkiki Chocolatemaker Bob with fine cacao for making vegan chocolate from bean to bar

Our sourcing principle is more than simply paying what the farmers ask. 



At Solkiki, direct trade means we work in partnership with farmers and fermenters to improve both quality of cacao and livelihoods, long term.


All bars are 56g/2oz.  If you want more, we offer kilos of shards or chef's couverture.
Everything is vegan-friendly, truly ethical and perfectly climatarian.
We don't have a signature  mouthfeel: microbatch is all about flavour!
We ship worldwide - free standard UK postage for all orders - also offer special delivery for last minute