Bean-to-Bar - White Craft Chocolate

Our cold-pressed, organic cacao butter is the world's finest basis for any white chocolate.

Dairy-free, we only use the best plant based milks to create the best flavoured white chocolate. 

If you typically dislike white chocolate, our's will truly convert you! So, give it a try!

Animal dairy isn't traditional and it actually inhibits flavour perception, it's a relatively recent addition that is very much the cheapest option for big industry.


We humbly offer the world's highest quality ingredients, expertly combined in a small-batch craft process.  

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Items on this page are made in very low volumes. 

Although flavours change throughout the years, we try to keep a mix of bars, jars and rocks always available to you.  

They all have very long shelf life, so feel free to stock up to avoid disappointment.