Taste chocolate along with as-seen-on-TV  Estelle Tracy.


World-famous Chommelier Estelle unwraps 4 of our bars in a relaxed, insightful and fun tasting.

The video lasts around 30 minutes, we thought it would be pretty sweet for aspiring Choficionados to share a tasting with pro-taster Estelle.  


We'll send you all 4 bars for a special price.  When the bars arrive, click on this link to watch Estelle's you tube tasting video.  You can taste along with Estelle and experience the next best thing to having Estelle in your living room :)


Estelle was intruiged by our CBD chocolate - a fashionable and misused ingredient.  We've made the only CBD bars to win awards for flavour and quality, and like everything we make, these bars put flavour first.   Estelle shared our enjoyment of the difference between 33mg CBD and 77mg CBD on the same base chocolate (Gran Nativo 63% dark coconut milk).  Taste for yourself the impact that a few extra drops of really good CBD has on our chocolate.


So Woke (coffee) and Cranachan (whisky raspberry) are bars of the future, without milk or alternative milk ingredients. These bars use resource-light, common and traditional ingredients to make sustainable chocolate delicious.  We ran out of some alternative milk ingredients due to the covid crisis, and these bars showed their worth sooner than we had imagined!  


Milk from cows, a cheap-filler and flavour-inhibitor, has been used for about 160 years in industrial chocolatemaking; but the ingredients in our future bars have hundreds or thousands of years historical use... so these bars are both ancient and a glimpse of the future!


Buy this bundle and taste along with Estelle, her guidance may illicit new notes in your experience!  Another essential step on the road to Choficionadom!


Chommelier Video Tasting - Estelle Tracy

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